Walkthrough: Install OeP based Client application


First of all you need install iVIS server. Visit this page for details. When you have working iVIS server we can continue, but to make it possible to communicate with the iVIS Server from the client application you need to register your client application inside the iVIS Server. Here is the walkthrough that describes this process.

This client is based on OeP.

Git configuration

Clone project from GitHub repository:

cd /../directory #Directory where project folder with content must be placed

git clone https://github.com/imCodePartnerAB/iVIS-OeP-Client-Sample.git

After cloning will created subdirectory iVIS with content.

Database configuration

In the Terminal (Ctrl+ALt+T) execute following commands to create the database:

mysql -u {username} -p{password} #{username} - database username, {password} - database password

CREATE DATABASE db_open_platform;

Download file dump_db_open_platform.sql from release on Github.

In the Terminal (Ctrl+ALt+T) execute following command to run dump file on created DB:

mysql -u {username} -p{password} db_open_platform < /home/downloads/dump_db_open_platform.sql #file location after downloading

Edit file config.xml from demo.oeplatform.org/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF subfolder in the next way:

  • <Username>${username}</Username> [1];
  • <Password>${password}</Password> [2];
  • <Url>${jdbc-url}</Url> [3];
[1]username of database (default root)
[2]password of database
[3]consist of jdbc:{provider}://{hostname}:{port}/{databaseName}?{encoding} for mysql {provider} = mysql, {hostname} = localhost, {port} = 3306, {encoding} = utf-8

Run application


iVIS Server must be installed from this guide.

In the Terminal (Ctrl+ALt+T) execute following commands:

cd /../iVIS-OeP-Client-Sample #path to project from Github

mvn clean install

cd demo.oeplatform.org

mvn tomcat7:deploy #deploy configured to localhost:8080/oepcl.

Type http://localhost:8080/oepcl in browser.

Click “Logga in”.

Input Login=admin and Password=pass.

If you see this image, everything is good, congratulations!