Walkthrough: Install iVIS Server


To install iVIS server you need:

For detailed instructions of installing this components visit this page.

Project structure

iVIS maven project from GitHub consists of 4 modules:

  1. ivis-core - entities that you can use in API;
  2. ivis-services - service interfaces for entities; they are define provided methods;
  3. ivis-sdk - sdk for easier work with the API;
  4. ivis-server - iVIS server, implementation of the application logic.

Git configuration

Clone project from GitHub repository:

cd /../directory #Directory where project folder with content must be placed

git clone https://github.com/imCodePartnerAB/iVIS.git

After cloning will created subdirectory iVIS with content.

Database configuration

In the Terminal (Ctrl+ALt+T) input following commands to create the database:

mysql -u {username} -p{password} #{username} - database username, {password} - database password

CREATE DATABASE db_ivis_test; #or custom {databaseName}

Edit file local.server.properties from ivis-server subfolder in the next way:

  • User [1];
  • Password [2];
  • JdbcUrl [3];
  • Hibernate.hbm2ddl [4];
  • Hibernate.dialect [5];
  • Server.name [6];
[1]username of database (default root)
[2]password of database
[3]consist of jdbc:{provider}://{hostname}:{port}/{databaseName}?{encoding} for mysql {provider} = mysql, {hostname} = localhost, {port} = 3306, {encoding} = utf-8
[4]set create
[5]for mysql is org.hibernate.dialect.MySQL5InnoDBDialect
[6]host of server (default http://localhost:8080)

Put file import.sql from Github project repository (v1.0.0-alpha1 release) into ivis-server/src/main/resources.

Run application

If you have process on port 8080 you must kill it by executing following command in the Terminal:

fuser -k 8080/tcp

Then go to Tomcat folder ({tomcat-folder}).


In Tomcat must be configured user with roles: manager-script, manager-gui, admin, manager-jmx. They are configured in this instance.


In this manual uses username=admin and password=admin for that authority.

Run Tomcat by executing following command in the Terminal:

cd  /home/../apache-tomcat-{version}/bin

chmod +x startup.sh


Go to m2 local repository (user/.m2).

Create/edit file settings.xml in next way.


In browser input address: http://localhost:8080/manager .

Enter login “admin” and password “admin”.

Click Undeploy where root path (“/”).


In the Terminal (Ctrl+ALt+T) execute following commands:

cd /../iVIS #path to iVIS project directory

cd ivis-server

mvn tomcat7:deploy #deploy configured to localhost:8080.

Type http://localhost:8080 in browser.

Input Login=admin and Password=pass.

If you see this image, everything is good, congratulations!